Night Flowers EP


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Bound 04:12
murder but heaven I burned every number I found coming over real love held it under til it all gets pulled apart mirror to another lifeline on a wire better bound together need me now more than ever
Embers 03:00
kiss of the dawn eighteen winters young we held through the cold snap as embers still burned out on the garden I loved you you know that we watched the ashes spiral round as we talked of skipping town I wonder how you're feeling now are your feet on the ground? angry and full of hell invincible poetry corroded and just like the sun I missed when it was gone I know you're above that you said you can't please everyone all of the time but I was waiting for a sign and I know that it's close as we say goodnight to them so long goodnight to them we can never look back again
Neverlands 04:12
was it a sign or just a fuck? the side of the bed that I couldn't touch you know that I couldn't take the pills you took you know that I wouldn't wake for anyone but I am the one watching you fall into the sky as memory serves memory burns memory lies lately you took me for all I got just gotta look see to know I ain't worth much and though the game has changed with every twist of the knife you know that I couldn't change to save my life darling I am the one walking the sand drawing the line and all the time in the world couldn't save you tonight
Summer Rain 03:48
a number up returning to the sun I see you, friend the colour of your eyes in ninety nine sparkling with the love that you gave in the last hours of the century it was us vs the world man I can't tell for the life of me or see you grew up believing you'd come good someday now the days of life are fleeting like the summer rain with battle lost a jar to raise the past to my old friend again you never guess until the very last how things can be all the time that you walked with the black dog indiscriminate you were gold but were lost and I can't tell for the life of me or see how you gave up believing you'd come good someday now days of life repeating like the summer rain


Released via Dirty Bingo Records - DBR010

Available on 10" clear frosted vinyl with free download -

Also available on iTunes


released April 7, 2014

All songs written and performed by Night Flowers
Z.Budworth, C.Hardy, S.J.Lenthall, G.Ullyart, H.Ullyart.

Recorded by Adam Jaffrey at Unwound Studios, London.

All songs Copyright Control
℗ + © 2014 Night Flowers under licence to Dirty Bingo Records Ltd.


all rights reserved




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